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Locksmiths Questions

I am locked out of my car, why should I call a locksmith and not the police?

A professional locksmith generally will have a lot more tools and equipment to open your vehicle safely than a policeman would. However, if you have a serious emergency such as your child locked in the car, then we highly suggest calling the police.

If I lost my keys, can a locksmith make me another set?

Yes, a professional locksmith should be able to make you another key for almost anything: home, vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, etc. Given that you provide the proper information to prove that it is actually your property.

Can a locksmith generate a key with a serial number provided?

Yes, a professional locksmith can usually make you a key with just providing the serial number of the lock or vehicle. Most Professional locksmith companies require you to provide some type of identification or proof of the property.

I think someone stole my house keys and I am worried about them breaking in should I buy new locks?

It is not required to buy new locks, a professional locksmith should be able to “Rekey” Your lock. Meaning, replacing the “pins” matching it to fit the new key making the old key no longer able to unlock the lock. It is usually much more cost efficient to “Rekey” a lock, then to buy all new ones.

I want only to have only 1 key to unlock all of my locks to my home, is this possible?

Yes, a professional locksmith should be able to do such task. Some locks aren’t compatible together to have the same key pattern so on the rare occasion that this does happen you would not be able to do so.

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